Friday, April 2, 2010

Why art satisfies

This is NaPoWriMo #2 .  At the very end - this poem makes a allegation about art and why we find it meaningful.

Better than television

The rolling wire probe
tests the level
of moisture
in this careful
world in glass.

moss, tiny ferns,
bugs, little lizards,
a climate trained for
atmospheric tricks
on command.

So every Friday night
Manfred sells tickets,
puts the terrarium
through its paces,
circles folding chairs
around his coffee table.
Unlocks the doors
Pops the corn
Announces each act.

"Ladies and Gentlemen
we bring you a special performance
by the Sudden Storm Troupe!
First up, the magnificent duo:
Lightening and Thunder!"

(applause followed by flashing
and crashing sounds, followed by
more spontaneous applause)

"And wasn't that spectacular?
And now,  please welcome:
Heavy Rains with Driving Wind:"

(applause, rapid pelting, vigorous
whooshing, then more applause).

Ringside seats
No channels to change.
Sometimes the storm inside
and the storm outside align:
Audience satisfaction.

-- Mar Walker

The prompt was to take the acronym for the site name ( RWP for Read Write Poem) and run it through "Acronym Attic" then pick one of the lines and write a poem inspired by it. "Rolling Wire Probe" and "required weather performance" were the lines that inspired this poem