Monday, April 5, 2010

NaPoWriMo #5 -- Mr. Poetry

Mr. Poetry

Bubba might be neurotic
or worse, bites his nails, drinks
expresso with rum, counts cards
at the casino. Bubba's not welcome
because he notices things: the gum
in your car ashtray, scratches on your
shirt, holes in the wall board, flecks of hubris.
Dressed in his neon coveralls
and backwards baseball cap
he'll write you a repair estimate that will
drain all the blood from your face and
other extremities while you phone
your lawyer and make excuses.
Bubba's secret is this: if you slap him
he will screech like a dying hare.
When he is done, he will hunt you
with a Swiss Army knife and a pen
until you are furious and embarrassed
or until your liver lies in the middle
of the road under a semi hauling
a lifetime supply of Bondo and
metal-flake paint, in various colors..

-- Mar Walker
The Prompt was to personalize poetry....   (You know who you are....)