Monday, April 26, 2010

NaPoWriMo #26 - Governmental consommé

Governmental Consommé

"What recipe is he talking about?" Four hundred thirty pages and no one knows. The 1950s - they want to go back. It's like skating near a cliff. I need to keep track of them all - this model time machine has 93 million interlocking parts. There are no directions in the box, so keep stirring. It's past its expiration date. The man is an attorney and the woman is head of World Wrestling.  That is all you need to know. This could spin with history like a tire that fell off the car.  Will he ever come to the point? He's one of those persons who moves ahead by circling around. Politics is a carbuncle on democracy. Looks infected to me. It could pop and get messy. A filibuster, an old cat with hairballs you really have to watch where you step and keep paper towels handy.  I dream about a big teal wave traveling at high speed, covering everything. Could be the debt or maybe the ice caps have melted. Don't cash that check. There is no money. None. Some folks are needing a  rescue. But somebody drank the tea and it looked like Kool-Aid d to me. "Do you want soup" the social worker asks. "Oh yes," he replies. "Hot soup would be so lovely. Does it have salt? Can you have saltless soup?  The carbon traders cheat too" he says. "It's not just us bankers - and may I also have my $47 million bonus?"  Everyone is surprised. Maybe hire a 3rd party to rate the salt content of everything.  Greed lingers,  sours everything including the soup.  How long has it been here? Linda, Linda, we don't need  any more thugs, and no more glossy six page flyers,  though the sequined tights would be colorful. My glasses are broken - you wouldn't hit a old lady with a stigmatism would you? Unless justice is blond. Wait I meant blind. We'll see if the voters are....
-- Mar Walker


THIS IS THE PROMPT"Find a poem that you started, or perhaps one you abandoned. Read it through. Highlight the lines or phrases that please you. Do not cross anything out (yet)! You now have two choices: finish the poem or take the parts you like and begin a brand new piece.