Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NaPoWriMo #6 -- Today's menu

Today's Menu

Dog looking
Dog looking at me
Dog poised to do a happy doggie dance.

Me looking
Me looking at the mirror
at the back of dog's head
poised to take a picture.

The looker and the look-ee
both expectant, assessing
the possibilities, full of energy.
Dog wanting something,

an adventure of walking
sniffing, chasing, a car ride.
Me wanting a photo, showing
a doorway, a place of entry

for reflection, for life and its shadow
where the right and the left  are joined
in a lake of glass: this moment
whose surface shows

all the actual places
we could go from here.

-- Mar Walker

My dog, pictured above, is named Oggi which means Today.The prompt was to write a poem from a picture. I am so very glad for this prompt. I have always liked this photo and was never sure why. I thought it held something unusual but I wasn't sure just what until now.