Monday, April 12, 2010

NaPoWriMo #12 - few, too few

 few too few

Blue do-bees, two-stroke oil
Rusted nails, cumpled foil
guarded rails, hacked macadam
angry oysters? Never had 'em

glossy matte, tainted glass
plastic pellets, plexi- pass
brown paper neon or blueberry clam
whiteout this pathetic pedestri-enjam

-- Mar Walker
YIKES - I am grasping at straws here.  The Prompt: Make up a secret code. Begin by writing a few nonsense sentences, like “The raindrops tap out a cry for help” or “The dandelions are saying all at once, ‘You are overwhelmed.’” The formula is easy: come up with a message and assign it to something unlikely. Remember, of course, that inanimate objects can speak and that signs and symbols may be nonverbal. Once you have a few sentences, select the one that is most intriguing to you and use it to start a poem.

The photo is an accidental (nonsense) shot, looking down on a guard rail on route 34 near Stevenson Dam.