Saturday, April 17, 2010

NaPoWriMo # 17 - Apple Blossom Air

Apple blossom air

Warm white snow
of petals drifting
down to the yard of youth
from the ancient apple tree
shading my path: stone walk to
slate porch through dark blue
door between inset glass blocks,
a house my father built lovingly.
Narrow hall,  the first door,
my room with bright walls,
crank-out windows and
in the corner closet - my
desk- a low, wide, pine shelf
with my small chair, where
I would write or draw alone.
Or often glance
from closet to room
through the window to
the apple blossom air
for just a moment,
and breathe
-- Mar Walker
I think i'm still on yesterday's scent and memory tack..

THE PROMPT: Let’s be elemental. Fire, earth, water, wind. They touch our lives every day. Choose one that interests you, then take a point of view that is not so much your usual. Observe what interaction you’ve known, or not known, with this element.  You might make it personal or take the element’s point of view (how might humans appear to you from that stance?) or wander where you may. Tell us something about your element that we don’t know. You’re welcome to make your own rules, and as always, the most important point is simply to write and share, however it comes your way! Have fun!