Thursday, April 1, 2010

NaPoWriMo: Poem #1 Chameleon

Today's prompt was to write a shuffle poem using the first five titles that appear in the shuffle mode of your MP3 program or device. I took the first five English titles that appeared as my player is overloaded with Italian, German, and Latin items in the Classical genre. These are the first five English Titles I got:
** The Concept of the Open Throat (From a voice instruction CD by David Jones)
** Madama Butterfly Act I (Puccini)
** In the Fen Country (Vaughan Williams)
** When I Have Sung My Songs (Ernest Charles)
** I Cried All the Way to The Altar (Patsy Cline)

Here is the first poem:
I cried all the way to the altar
in the fen country of never
then like Madam Butterfly Act I
I waited in the sap green hills
between the paper walls
with irrational hope
for my life to start

I had delusions but
Pinkerton had a  plan, a social agenda.
As he sails away, I cannot find the right knife
the right note, I sing and sing until
all the songs have gone out
like last ship, the last love
the last dim star.

As the finale crashes to its end
I think about the coda: I think
when I have sung my songs
I should burn this music.*
After the fire, I lift my brushes,
paint still LIFE, or land SCAPE
and never wait for masagynists
or condescending conductors, and
the concept of the open throat
suddenly demands blackberries or peaches,
or a sigh of contentment at the end of the day.

And the good light shines in any color I want
every morning for the rest of my life
-- Mar Walker
*this is a metaphorical statement. I would not burn a score