Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ethanol - more short-sighted foolishness

Think Ethanol will save us from big oil? Ethanol IS big oil and big money.

Naturally our All-Cronies-All-The-Time government gives conservation credits to energy businesses that BURN UP a crop that used to provide cheap food for people around the world. Plans for several proposed Ethanol plants by U.S. campanys have been put on hold in the last month because the rising cost of corn is now making Ethanol untenable as an alternative fuel.

It wasn't so long ago that vegetarian argument against eating beef was that it used up too much of the world's corn. Science says you can grow more pounds of human being per bushel of corn, than you can grow from that same corn, if the cattle eat it, and then the humans eat the cattle. Or course how many miles per gallon does a human being get exactly? Haha. Yikes what a world.

I heard there is a plant going in in New Milford, or proposed for that town, that would create energy out of weeds. Not sure what to make of that yet.