Friday, April 11, 2008

Re-Generations - a poem from Inverse Origami

Kitten, stiff-legged fur frumped up, eyes a-glare
lands on old-man cat who was asleep:

"Hey old papa won't you come and play?
We could chase our tails all day,
We could slide on the rug
and tumble
and jump,
I could bite you on the nose,
I could bite you on the rump,
I could shock myself chewin' on 'lectric cord...

Old-man cat raises his head
slowly opens one green eye,
spits and hisses in reply:

"Go away. Don't you bother me .
Stop hoppiní ëround, all crazy
like some hot-foot flea.
I want to eat and sleep.
That's MY wish.
Calm down little fool,
I want to lay in the lady's lap and purr all day.
Silly little fur-ball won't you go away?"

Now, it's old-man cat who's gone
permanently sleeping under the lawn,
become one with an azalea.
The kitten has grown lap-lazy with years.
has hairballs now and one ripped ear,
and outside, mewling on the front porch steps
is another kitten:

"Hey old mama, won't you come and play?"

10/21/91 written at Zum Zum's Cafe
North Conway, New Hampshire, 1995 rewri

from Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding
--- Mar (Mistryel) Walker, © 1998
Puzzled Dragon Press