Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apparition of unknown motives

This is a picture from the old gallery blog. It's a pencil sketch from high school. I like it because of the consternation and puzzlement evident in the expression. This world is a confusing place. Often I am not sure why something was said or done. HOWEVER I refuse to spend time thinking about it. If there is a deeper meaning you want to communicate to me - you'd better just tell me..... I think things should be taken at face value.

This philosophy (which I occassionally fail to use...) came about because, once I obsessively spent months trying to figure out the odd statements of a man I was seeing. I had developed a network of alternate explainations in great detail. But when the real explaination came to light - it involved somethings totally unfamiliar - that I had never once considered. What a waste of time!!!!!