Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alien - a poem from Inverse Origami


This world is humming and busy
but i am alone,
a trick of light.

People chat easily on balmy earth
while I sit condensating,
turning to ice crystals
out here on Neptune.

I try to speak, to make contact
but my protective helmet
takes up too much space
calls attention to itself
with its enormous nest
of convoluted filtration hoses.
The compressor
roars in my ears.

- October 1996

- a poem by Mar Walker

The picture, a custom digital drawing by the poet appeared with the poem in the book..both appear on page 16 of Inverse Origami...

from Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding

--- Mar (Mistryel) Walker, © 1998

Puzzled Dragon Press