Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crafts to tea tasting & hiking Candlewood dam

At  Brookfield Craft Center's current show - Jump - The Synergy of Connection - which has to do with the substance of links - some of glass, clay, metal or mesh - you can find a vest made entirely of soda pop rings. Who would have guessed?

While there last Saturday, a friend, Anne Marie Marra and I struck up a conversation with a fellow craft admirer. She told us she had just come from Simpson and Vail - the tea company, and had tasted a tea or two. It was less than a mile away - so naturarlly that was our next stop.

Simpson and Vail sits on the quiet bank of an old quarry pond - so the tea contemplation begins before you enter. The atmosphere within is friendly, and heavily scented with exotic teas. Many of the tea pots on display are works of art.

Newly caffinated by this visit, we were still in need of a trek, and drove north to take a hike down to the Candlewood Dam. This earth dam was constructed in the 1920's. It was far longer a trek than I remembered - (though I am rather whimmpy!!) When we finally walked out onto the dam, my friend was stunned to see streams of water shooting out of the pipe that leads down to the power station below. The first time I noticed this, it was winter and these min-geysers had created a lattice of ice sculpture around the the pipe. I was so concerned - I went home and called up the Candlewood Lake Authority to inform them the pipe had leaks.

The man who answered the phone laughed as he assured me that was the normal condition. The water cascading out serves to dampen the pipe and keep it moist for - amazingly - this section is not made of metal, but of thick staves of wood - like a giant barrel or oak cask who's sections can not be allowed to dry out and separate.

After our trek, we went to a little restaurant for supper. After ordering, we were surprised to see Mia Farrow and several family members stroll in, and sit down for a meal just one table away. We didn't look, nor comment as everyone is entitled to have quiet meal without being gawked at.

All in all it was a pretty interesting day. Got some great video of the dam which I may post after a while.