Friday, April 4, 2008

Maisey at the Sun

Since Maisey doesn't ride the bus that far, and doesn't drive on the highway, my Christmas gift to her last year was to drive her to the casino this year. Now I am not a gambler - at all - I simply don't have the dough to lose. Also - I really don't "get" it. Should I be in possession of a dollar in change I am thinking I about getting a cup of coffee... not finding some burbling slot machine to feed.

So yesterday I brought a newspaper, and my camera. The rules say that you can take pictures but not right in the gambling areas on the floor of the casino. The leaves the walkways, the restaurants, shopping concourse, hotel lobby, the foyers for the various entrances..... The photo above is from the hotel lobby. The shot to the right is the waterfall that flows in between the the escalators to to the lobby. There is eye candy everywhere in this establishment.