Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1 Poem, Poem-a-day in April Challenge "Out of the Muck"

This and all the poem a day entries are back dated. I wrote and posted them all to the Poem A Day Writer's Digest blog during april. It took me a while to post them here..)

The prompt was "origins"


Out of the muck we come
over-adrenalized and peevish
Muscled, toothed, furious to survive

Out of night, into the cave,
firelight dancing, igniting imaginings
of more-than-muck, and we

Out of our minds, with fire-born charcoal,
into the cavern carve a vast sprawling hunt
that we have made: gazelle, mammoth, man

men, together, ready for more than muck.

--- Mistryel Walker