Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 3 Poem - Canine Compromise

This is another poem I wrote during the poem a day April 2009 challenge - this poem was fir April 3: It's really about how mis-adapted we are for our modern lives....
Canine Compromise

The problem with dogs is underemployment.
Eons of DNA for running the tireless patrol,
cooperative hunting for fun and profit,
the upper-handed snarl, or deep-den digging
dirt-flying intensity or gnawing elk femurs,
or marking or sniffing out the latest odorous map.

All this reduced to a 20-minute walk, and a half-
hour yard run, two antique humans, one with
no sense of humor, a chair under the window, and
a horrid selfish cat who bits dog toes, ears, lips
anything to secure the sun-spot on the rug.
Ah well, waiting for the mailman will have to do

-- Mistryel Walker