Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poem-A-Day Writer's Digest Challenge

AWK - I am behind **** a note -- I did actually finish the poems are all posted on Facebook.***
- here are my first four days of the Poem a Day writer;s digest challenge (they supply a writing prompt - you supply a poem )

April 1 poem
the prompt was "origins"


Out of the muck we come
over-adrenalized and peevish
Muscled, toothed, furious to survive

Out of night, into the cave,
firelight dancing, igniting imaginings
of more-than-muck, and we

Out of our minds, with fire-born charcoal,
into the cavern carve a vast sprawling hunt
that we have made: gazelle, mammoth, man

men, together, ready for more than muck.


April 2 poem
the prompt was "outsiders"

Outsiders now,

They float feather light,
walk the teetering shuffle in slippers
except when they are falling and landing hard
on heads or breaking hips or clavicles on the tile
They peer out of their years of forgetting,
furrowed, pale, a little grey, waiting
out the silence of full lives or empty lives.
Hovering near phone,
imagining a knock at the door
falling asleep in the chair


April 3 poem
the prompt was "the problem with..._________"

Canine Compromise

The problem with dogs is underemployment.
Eons of DNA for running the tireless patrol,
cooperative hunting for fun and profit,
the upper-handed snarl, or deep-den digging
dirt-flying intensity or gnawing elk femurs,
or marking or sniffing out the latest odorous map.

All this reduced to a 20-minute walk, and a half-
hour yard run, two antique humans, one with
no sense of humor, a chair under the window, and
a horrid selfish cat who bits dog toes, ears, lips
anything to secure the sun-spot on the rug.
Ah well, waiting for the mailman will have to do

April 4 Poem
the prompt was to pick and animal....

oh please, a little armor

Armadillo of my envy
waddles on with leathery grace
and when alarmed, curls to himself
in fetal retreat. Turtle, my other idol
moves at a such slow deliberate pace
and when the world is too engaging
withdraws his head and hides his face.