Monday, March 30, 2009

I closed one, opened two more Youtube Channels

Following the example of someone else I know, I closed my old YouTube channel, PuzzledDragonVideo. I had so many videos of other people reading poetry, it just didn't look like my channel anymore. I took all the videos from WNPS or of other poets reading and put them on a channel called PoetsAndTheirPoems. Its URL is I also added the infamous Dueling Cameras video to this channel where six folks from Wednesday Night Poetry go to the Blue Coloney Diner afterwards. There is also a playlist with two videos of Anne Marie on that channel. One is on the channel itself; the other is on her slam-team mate Sean Gallager's site. It's a little blury but still funny.

My own brand new channel has the same title as my original blog here (I've moved as you can see) - the Puzzled Dragon at This channel is now home to my poems, stories, odd notes, weird videos, artwork videos. I really culled the material to be put up there so there is absolutely no material that I did not create myself. The classical singing from my recital in 2006 will go up on a channel of its own at a later time. Though I might include the spoof video of Ernani Involami

Ademdum: The classical channel is