Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lessons & Carols tomorrow

• Tomorrow is Lessons and Carols. (a job not a belief). The concert is by the combined choirs of St Mary’s and the local Congregational church. Their choir has a LOT of men and they sing like vikings. TEN bases in the combined choir. I will be recording it all on my Olympus mini thing. I recorded the entire dress rehearsal which sounds pretty good. This time I placed the recorder on the shelf behind the organ with mics facing away from the singers and out towards the congregation. That resulted in a nice natural “reverb” from the vaulted ceiling!

We also have the benefit of two folks up front. The music director from the congregational church is tickling the organ keys for this one. Our director is conducting. They make a nice team! Finally, after all this churchy stuff I am heading to a solstice bonfire at a friend’s house.