Friday, December 7, 2007

latest install of Leopard was purring, we'll see how it goes..

This is the first post I have made from the macbook post Leopard Install#2.

With all the trouble I had last time, I am being very cautious with this new setup. So far I have installed absolutely nothing. I have run software update and gotten the latest code. I have arranged the dock, synced for my address book and bookmarks and imported my purchased tunes from the iPod as well as a bunch of CDs. (iTunes would only let me import items purchased from the iTunes store, not stuff loaded via CD) Recordings I made myself I had backup on the G5. Another bit of good news, after repeated tries, the external hard drive I had acidently dropped is suddenly mounting again. And strange to say - its "on-off" button which NEVER worked, is suddenly functional. Go figure. Today I am planning to add iLife. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Immediately after typing that last line, my network connection just dropped out just as it was doing last time. Cut and paste in this blogger window is acting weird too. I used photo both and took a good morning shot. Maybe I will hold off on iLife.

Post script - I have added firefox now, as some of the problems with blogger were Safari errors, according to the consol log.. hmmm. I also added taco html edit. so far so good.