Thursday, December 6, 2007

The dog's lumps, the world's bumps

The dog has a growth on the back of her paw. I noticed this a few weeks ago when I trimmed her toe nails. This week she started licking it, and limping just slightly. So this morning, off we go to the vets.

Dogs love a car ride. And getting out at the vets is Okay too -- so many interesting smells in the yard! But from a dog's eye view, the exam room is ominous. The PEOPLE are great, but that aluminum table is for cats. Poor dog gets tricked into standing on it and suddenly something emits a growl-like hum and the table starts to shudder and Lo! The dog Ascendeth! Acsendeth to the vet, that is. And the table is slippery too, like life, a little dance, a little prance and a leg can hang precariously over the side. Then as blood gets drawn, poor dog's behind begins to slip out from under her and soon she is laying down on this cold aluminum precipice. No stairs, no place to land, too slippery even to try. I imagine Oggi leaping. Imagine clouds instead of tiles. Wonder if I too can fly, then they hand me an estimated bill. The landing is a shock!