Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Leopard, a clean install this time

Often when things run amok on a computer there are two software programs having an unresolved argument over system resources, or one going into some endless loop for some inexplicable cosmic reason..

After the clean install that I HAD to make of Tiger, I had nothing more on the hard drive to lose. So I thought I would give the spotted cat one more try with nice clean reformated installation on my Intel macbook.

I did that this morning. Have not installed anything else. Got my wireless network right away, have been loading CDs into itunes. SO FAR SO GOOD (hold breath tightly...) I think I will add my programs one at a time and see how it goes. Perhaps the OS was not at fault, but the programs adapted to run on it.... On the other had there was a large Leopard update which I installed immediately after the wireless was connected....