Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The kicker: a realization on iWeb files

Ah the final kicker on my intel macbook troubles. I was hoping against hope (Irrationally I must say) that there would be some way to import the websites I'd made and published in iWeb. I had carefully saved a published-to-a-folder representation of my websites, never once realizing the obvious fact that this would not help at all. Oddly, when the OS finally started having some sort of loop where it could not fully load, I was still able to hook it up in Target disk mode via firewire to the G5 and drag things off of the hard drive... I thought I had everything haha... SO in addition to total software snafu - I am also suffering from operator stupid (in not recovering enough stuff and in dropping the backup hard drive where previous backups were located.) ****** IMPORTANT ADDED POSTSCRIPT 2/27/08 ---> the file to back up is: domain.sites2 --- which is located in your homefolder: /Library/ApplicationSupport/iWeb/Domain.sites2 ***** This file has all the info on your sites and all their pages.....

So I spent most of Monday night and Tuesday morning building a new main page for the Wednesday Night Poetry Series on a blogspot site. (Which is now live at http://wedpoetry.net ) I moved the sub pages that could be moved out of the iDisk web folder to the old sites folder. I moved the WNPS features archive and blog but it doesn't seem to be functional outside its origional spot. ( I will recreate them and the founder's page slide show at a later time.

The problem for me is this -- in order to recreate and upload wedpoetry.net - I would obliterate the current issue of Bent Pin Quarterly because the program would over-write the web folder. After the upload only the files from the current IWeb publishing event would be left in that folder. NOTE: It didn't work this way it added to what was on the iDisk when I finally uploaded it in Jan -- though I am not sure what would happen if the site names were exactly the same.

I also ran mac Hardware test from the Tiger disk which found nothing. I have almost nothing on that machine, and I may reinstall Leopard sans additional programs to see if it will work alone..