Sunday, September 13, 2009

CT Folk Cycle Tour 2009

Last Gig: Sept 12, 2009: Hindinger Farms on the Tour des Farms, which offered two bicycle touring loops of scenic local farms with a different Ct folk musician entertaining at each stop. The tours were part of the Ct Folk Festival.

Well Sept. 12, 2009 was the day - I played at Hindinger Farm for the Tour Des Farms - a cycling tour that was part of the Connecticut Folk Festival. It was a stop on the longer 35 mile loop. The weather was cool but there was not a drop of rain.

After briefly overshooting the turn, I arrived around 9:15. I had plenty of time acclimate myself and set up before cyclists started appearing around 10AM. I played straight through to 11 when the last of them pedaled off up the hill. I had little trouble as my fingers got a bit cold. It was about 60 degrees when I started, and a tad early for my voice to function -- these days I usually practice at night. Mostly things went very well. I started out playing things in a little lower key because it was so early in the morning, around 10:45 I put the capo on and really could let some high notes peal out. I did repeat two songs, but I thought the folks that had heard them had gone.

"We're loving this," one couple told me. Another lady, a customer of the farm rather than a cyclist, asked me if I had a CD she could buy. Darn. I hope to remedy that this coming year... Another customer told me that having music at the farm, made her feel like she was in Vermont rather than a mile off a main road. I hope to get out and play more. I had the sense, at least part of the time, that I was really in the flow - and that's a really good feeling. Ms. H and all of the people at the farm were wonderful. They gave me a cup of coffee, and before I left I bought some veggies, fruit, and a big jar of jam. In order to have the full tourist experience I paid 50 cents for the special goat crackers. They sell goats milk and cheese as well.