Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Molly Darcy's with Future Tense

Last Saturday I was at a writer's meeting all day, and drank about four pots of coffee. So Saturday night,  at about 9:30pm I hit on the idea of going out, since I was still raging on with the after-effects!

So I went to Molly Darcy's where I knew a few friends and relatives were taking a rock band called Future Tense.   It was a great time and I really enjoyed myself in the crazy rock 'n roll madness of the evening: with a great band, blinking lights, dry ice smoke, a packed dance floor, a multi-generational crowd, Mike and Paulette at the mic - and Dave that great bass-player,   DR on the keys, was that Ed Lange on the drums?  The new guitar guy spun out some great solos too.

This band has just been together for decades and it shows because they are tight!  For the facebook group, they have a fan page there.....   it's at