Friday, September 25, 2009

At the Monday J-Cherry Open Mic

Went to Middletown Monday night to check out the J-Cherry Anything-goes Open Mic at the Buttonwood Tree. I found at least one person I know there -, that wildman beataphile poet Sympetalous. He gave one of his energetic type 60's style poetry performances.  The posting below which I found on YouTube is not the performance I heard. But it gives you the idea....

  As you can see from this video, one really fine feature of this open mic is the music folks will sort of jam behind the poets, so Stan had a backup band more or less.   This also happened behind a poetess who's name I am not sure of. It worked out fairly well both times.  They have congas, and some chime style percusion, sometimes someone has a keyboard or a guitar etc.  You really don't know what will transpire here. Once a musician named Tom who had improvised an a capella  song, got up and tap danced!

Got a chance to hear a relatively new duo Spencer and Sparks. Their harmonies worked very well and they sang original material. They are working on a CD to be out soon.

I played three of my original songs,  I Bet It All On You, Love Makes You Free and Wishing Stone. and plugged my myspace page.  I was a little surprised to get up there and find behind the music stand, a tiny olympus digital recorder with its red recording light on.

You can hear one recording of Spencer ad Sparks on the event's myspace page  where some of those recordings end up.  And as you can see from the video above sometimes someone puts it on YouTube as well.

This  did give me pause for thought that anytime you perform in public someone maybe recording you with one these tiny devices or with their phone - and if you are having an off night or just testing something out - well, some one posses it out there.  Maybe without your knowledge or permission.  Anyway its something to ponder in this new world file sharing world. And even before the recording question came up - it's long been a world where  singers and  bands cover their favorite famous performers and never ever credit the actual songwriter......