Sunday, October 25, 2009

Freight St Gallery Poetry Salon: Eccentric, Entertaining

I have never spent a better $5.  What did I get?  A wonderful poetry open mic hosted by Victoria Munoz, and Terri Klein with eccentrically costumed poets: The classic Beatnik Poet, Archy the CockRoach (of Archy and Mihttabell fame), Gengas Kahn in a pointy hat, Dirty Bob, Sylvia Plath, etc etc etc

The night began with Fabulous Fiddlin' Dan Gardella's sureal act, where in an eccentric, spontaneously choreographed performance, partially done from a 55 gallon steel trash can, he displayed his creative showmanship outfitted in a Mad Hatter type mask. (He looked like an animated musical Jack-In-The-Box in the trashcan.) You simply could not stop tapping or stomping to his infectious rhythms.

At intermission, there was another concert - a half hour of Daniel Stevens, a truly incredible classical guitarist who played, among other things, Usher Waltz by Nikita Koshkin,  based on Poe's story the Fall of the House of Usher. Then Victoria joined him for a few flute and guitar duets.  (She also has some oil pastels up at the gallery.)  Subsequently Edgar Allen Poe had a new funeral. Poe's corpse was played by Dustin Byrne  one of the Gallery founders.

There were also Halloween cookies, cider,  a tasty homemade-like apple spice cake brought at the  Flour Garden Bakery in Woodbury. Merlot, coffee, fruit and cheese....  a raffle, a costume contest won by Dirty Bob (the photo didn't come out....)

One of my favorite costumes of the night was Terri's costume as Archy the Cockroach, based on the Archy and Mihttabell stories.  She had extra arms sewn into her all-brown costume.  (On the left you can see her shaking hands with her other arms...)  Victoria wore an authentic Day of the Dead shirt featuring skulls labeled as famous poets.   Gengas Kahn, owner of A store called Shock n Awe, had a pointy leather hat and a huge fleece-lined suede coat. Jack Beasly gamely performed some Hip Hop song lyrics even without his musical computer setup.  Joan Pavlinsky came as Sylvia Plathe in a "Death is an Art" Apron and pearls, Robin Sampson as the beatnik poet-in-black with angled black beret,  Dirty Bob, better known as Alon,  from the Duo XponX,  had hideous stringy hair and WWII pants tied with a coarse rope. There was someone from Goshen dressed  in period Victorian? garb, though I don't know who her character was.  For my costume I used the classic white sheet with a few holes.   I read my ecology horror poem, Ecotechnicon in as erie and energetic voice as I could muster, as I waved my ghost costume around. Sorry no photos of this part.

So next time you hear about a poetry salon at the Freight St. Gallery GO!!!!  It is an event not to be missed.   Check out

Two videos below give you and idea of Dan and Daniel's talents: