Monday, October 12, 2009

Disingenuous insurance industry threatens consumers to keep status quo

OOOOH if you regulate us --- ooh we will just have to charge more and it will be your fault. You SEE HOW WE HELD THE LINE ON COST IN THE LAST TEN YEARS! HAHAHAHA. NOT.

No surprise here. Insurers don't want reform - they are making enormous ENRORMOUS profits!!! At the last minute before a vote - they have released this report that THEY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.... hmmm, nothing slanted here oh no.. no ulterior motive....

Why should they want to change?  Their anti-reform ads talk about a mysterious THEY who will choose what we can have or pay after reform.  BUT WHAT THEY DON'T SAY IS THAT --- right now it's profit-seeking executives making huge salaries who choose! And they choose to terminate people with diseases or risk factors. After a lifetime of payments they can shuttle you off into NO COVERAGE LAND.

And the countries where universal insurance works are the same countries where the GOVERNMENT tells them what they can charge.....    So either we need a public option or we need to tightly regulate glutenous insuranse companies who pay cadres of examiners to find ways to CUT your coverage any way they can.....

They have shown they can raise prices to astronomical levels all on their own - so lets try a little government intervention!