Friday, October 30, 2009

Document 183 CD bash at Stella Blues Bar

Document 183, a four piece folk rock band had their first ever CD release party at the Stella Blues Bar in New Haven a few weeks back.  What a great night this was!  And I am not talking about the free pizza, the friendly bartender, or the Stella Blues Bar ambiance, though all of that was great.   It was the music that was most memorable.

The band's lead singer and ace songwriter is  poet Alice-Anne Harwood. AA has a gorgeous, lush voice that can be alternately: saucy or loaded with soft intimate nuance or suddenly big as brass - always loaded with emotion.. This is a voice you will remember. Dana's integral harmonies and keyboard work plays against it so well, as with John on guitar or percussion, and Tiff's bass -  it makes an intricate and involving sound.  Their new release is a five song CD called Italicized which was produced by Pierce Campbell - so you know the balance and  sound are perfect.  It will cost you just five bucks -  the same as an iTunes download -- and it is so worth it...  To hear a few of their incredible original songs - visit