Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pedaling poetry in New Haven: Elm City Cyclists' Poetry Ride

Original Date 6/21/09

Pedaling hmm. Often I find I am sitting absolutely still as I think or meditate, so I was quite surprised to be invited to read a poem to a small group of Elm City Cyclists at a location of my choice in New Haven! I liked the idea, as long as I didn't have to pedal. ( I don't even own a bike!) To the right is poet/cyclist Lisa Siedlarz who does own a bike, and who went on this pedaling poetry journey put together by William Kurtz!

For a location I picked the New Haven spot I had driven to recently - Orange Street where I parked when I saw Buckwheat Zydeco last week. I had parked right across from Millennium Plaza where there was an odd relief sculpture with the marvelously dualistic name "Millenium Relief."
Anyway, after standing around like an loitering lunatic for almost an hour, getting quite pleasantly damp in a light rain, and fielding one polite text msg warning me the event was running behind, a group of eight or nine smiling cyclists arrived.

So on Orange Street - in the shadow of the New Haven Hall of Records I read the following poem: (click the title to read the poem)
After I read, a young guy on the tour had us all laughing with his on-the-money yet whimsical poem about boring business meetings! Then we all strolled down to the next stop which was the Bru Cafe just a few doors down which was the last stop on the tour - for more poetry and CAFFEINE!

To the left is a poet and cyclist named Paul, who frequents the Word of Mouth reading over at the Institute Library. He was sporting a multi-colored umbrella hat which he was happy to model with a big smile.

The tall multi-colored Apollo to the right is an enormous sculpture in the yard of the Bru Cafe!! It's very cool.
At the cafe a Jazz Musician/Poet who calls himself Pigman read some fabulous poems in the open mic at Bru!!! My favorite was "Do Angles Have Sex?" I only was able to stay for a few of the readers, and one cup of Sumatran. (No doubt that's why I am still awake!!!