Sunday, July 5, 2009

Talk about my process


This is a slide show of my weird art work - rough sketches or formal works, in a variety of media. I tell the original medium for each piece. MUSIC: The background music I improvised on a Yamaha keyboard, recorded on a tiny Olympus recorder. I also used that to record the talking track. I tried using the macbook mic in iMovie but the fan is running a lit and it gums up the sound.

One of my interests in creating visual art is in capturing or creating motion. You can see that in some of the pieces shown here.

 A sense of motion can be created in a number of ways:
** by the texture or vigor of mark, scrape or brush stroke
** the lines or the edges of the forms depicted
** by moving the eye with either the juxtaposition of light and dark or colors.
** Also by subject matter, ie bodies in motion. (though that in itself is not enough)

 I am not a purist when I work, I tend to make a mark on what I am working on using what ever is handy. I like working in oil pastels with water colors, but might also make marks with gesso or pencil or even ball-point pen or nail polish. I also am very fond of collage, if I have what I consider and unsuccessful composition, I might cut a particularly nice section out of it and glue it to another work.

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