Friday, March 14, 2008

Art: intention and meaning involve more than viewer projection

This is a drawing from a live model, made during a college drawing class.

I like this drawing very much, but some who have seen it concluded it was something other than what it is... Two people have said to me that the figure seemed to be engaged in some sort of sexual something. In reality, the live model in class was reading a book which is out of sight from this angle.

Oddly, both persons who objected were conservative christian men, one was a born-againer and the other a catholic knights- of-columbus type. And they were so obviously projecting something out of their own minds onto this scene which was utterly innocent! See what repression breeds!!!!

Point of view, context, getting the whole picture seems relatively important to interpretation. Filling in the blanks with your own stuff, doesn't tell you what the artist was actually thinking.

- Mar  Walker

PS This drawing is on plain white paper - the redish tinge is some odd camera effect from lights at night. I kinda like it like this.