Saturday, April 6, 2013

Poem for April 4 - Slightly Irregular Apocalypse Sale!


Six bucks a bag
of our unwieldy woes
No looking back, no excuses
- everything goes!

   Economic instability,
   colliders building to infinity.
   Famine, flood or fire,
   entropic flat tires.
   Wormholes, black holes,
   comet-born plague,
   missiles from the Kremlin,
   precise justice from the Hague?
   Lab DNA morphing,
   death by excess endorphins
   Killer bees, disappearing bees, alien pods,
   anti-matter implosions, a zombie Steve Jobs.
   String theory unraveling, oil for free
   a bang or a whimper - say will it be
   by fire or ice, a snarl or a moan?
Predictions are futile so leave me alone....

                                       -- MM Walker
The prompt was to use an Ian Banks title -