Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Poem for April 10 - Teamwork


1 Duck. Drake. Aggressive Moscovy.
Too stringy and tough for stew.
1 Hunting Hound. Old and Friendly.
Companion. Sent Sniffer. Retriever.

Oscar, the Duck patrols the perimeter.
Attacks intruders relentlessly. Bites their ankles.
Beats them back with his flapping wings.

Nellie the Dog watches.
Bays or barks out the alarm
to alert Grandpa.

Later they rest, still on lookout
in the warm afternoon sun.
Near, but not too near.

NOtE: the photo is a family picture of the actual Oscar and Nellie who belonged to my Grandfather Walker. My mother recalls being afraid to get out of the car and having to run for the house when Oscar was on patrol. Not sure if this is a poem or just sort of flash nonfiction.... Not sure I care which either....