Friday, April 5, 2013

Poem for April 3 - SHARED SPACES

MM and  TieDown the helicopter test dog share a bit of lawn.

NaPoWriMo #3  (am a day late on this one) and I am ignoring the prompt.... In the picture I share a bit of lawn with TieDown. He was named after a helicopter test called a "tie-down." This pup showed up during such a test where my Father worked.  He came home with Dad and lived all his years with us. He has nothing to do with this poem really, though the picture of this shared spot inspired it.

Like wine, friendships age
      could be perfection or vinegar.
Sometimes what is not done wins a friend:
     An absence of too loud chat and shrill barks
     A lack of yanking this or that when in proximity,
     A lack of poking pointing fingers here or there.
The end of a friend can be that too:
     what is not done, what is not said
     what never comes up, what is omitted
     the little lawn of the heart overrun with weeds.