Monday, January 14, 2008

Dead rat hearts, fluffy snow

• A dead rat's heart was scientifically renewed - it's" ALIVE" and the news outlets are crazy for it. However, the euphemism Dead Rat is just too strong to ignore. And you know, when you or I need a new rat heart, the insurance company will tell us to go whistle in the dark somewhere.

• The want ads have been thinner and thinner. So have the Danbury listings on Craig's list. I don't know about the country as a whole - but the Hat City employment situation seems bleak. "Don't worry. Everyday is a day," Maisy told me but I am not sure what she means by that. Since I have turned down two jobs in the last year, and quit one, this makes me nervous. I like having options. Oh well.

• This morning the snow lined every limb, clumped up on every line, and fence rail, looking bright and fresh.