Sunday, April 8, 2007

Red storm, still contained

Oh a sky full of storm and building and unseen wind, a disturbed feeling, unease.

This has been a very productive weekend. Productive but pensive. It seems I have begun a furious period of frantic work starting with putting out the first edition of my new lit mag which took every free minute for a while. Now that hepped need to do, the need to do in the face of news I do not want is keeping me fiddling at a frantic pace. I am rearranging my living space today too. What mess. Or is that my life, or the lives around me?

Well here is the new painting fresh and crazed from this morning.... Fiddling with layers and cutting out sections and moving sections played a big part here in the first stages of this piece. I also did some arbitrary rotations which bumped up the canvas size. Didn't know it would do that.  Or how about in blue....