Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Billowing bright life

After a day of heartburn and stomach knots, being asked to rethink something difficult - something I thought was settled - I wanted it all to be over. (I was trying to quit my job.... and my declaration was not taken seriously... and like so many other things I had said at work, was ignored.)

But circumstances required that I re-decide, re-agonize all over again. Just then in the inbox for Bent Pin, I got a piece of writing made me relax. The central metaphor was a box of puzzle pieces, the writing was experimental.

It was about not having a solution, about there being no perfect solution, no exactly right life, but making it up and just being instead of searching.

So I had chamomile tea, and made this wild bright billow of life in Corel Painter (the work to the left).

My puzzle, and wonderfully alive any way I choose to arrange it. So be it.

and thank you Danny Bernardi. Thanks very much.