Thursday, April 5, 2007

Caprice #2 - Blue vigor on a fine day

Another crazy bit I made in Corel Painter. Today has been a very good day. Interesting morning seminar at work on iMove and on Google Analytics. Quiet afternoon, boss away. And a three day weekend is coming!!! Also, I am pleased with the leads on my P1 stories as well. Here's one:

Tufted ears barely rotating. A sleepy look, a stretch. The slight movement of a dangling paw. All cats seem to nap once in a while, even bobcats. Recently one was seen snoozing right here in Redding. 

and here's the other:

Rebuilding the stone wall out front? Considering the addition of imposing entrance pillars? Repaving your driveway apron? If you live on an officially declared “scenic road,” a commissioner with a digital camera and a notebook may be watching.