Monday, October 13, 2014

In the Gazebo at Harvest Fest - the open mic!

Jack Cran playing my guitar. Host Don Lowe scanning the horizon.
All in all  Sunday Oct 12 (Indigenous American People's Day - ha!) was a beautiful day of clear skies, just right temperature and friendly folk.

With all the great music down on Bank Street - the Pears, the All Stars, the Blue Yodels -  up on the green was wide open. The gazebo was the location of the Harvest fest open mic hosted by Don Lowe. His set up made for a great sound! I even saw a New Milford officer tapping his foot as he kept watch on traffic.

 My timing was good and I was lucky enough to play for half and hour - around the area I saw host Don Lowe, Jack Cran, Cira Montrays, PJ Shurik, Bob Brophy and Chris Ellis. Afterwards I got coffee down on Bank St and spied Nancy of the Pears packing up from their gig.

Though the audience was mostly down the street the folks who stopped and listened were really wonderful!
Christopher Ellis playing Don's guitar