Thursday, March 8, 2012

POEM: Open Source Cosmos

Last night I read just this one poem at the Calling All Poets series open mic at the Silas Bronson Library in Waterbury, where Jon Anderson was the evening's feature poet.  It's from my latest chapbook, Tabernacle of Bees, published in Nov of 2011. I believe I read this one at Confluence in Feb of 2009 as well.

For those not into computer lore, open source is a kind of software program where the code is freely available and any enterprising geek can tweak it, and change the code to add or remove functionality, to streamline or enhance it or add hidden easter eggs of silly sayings...  And the functionality is improved very gradually by little changes over time. Of course if it weren't serendipitous we could tweak ourselves off the map.....

Open Source Cosmos

in serendipitous evolution,

the replicant’s tic in mutating pattern
changeling inheritance gathering force

'til mental metamorphosis tweaks free,
a comet trail of idea scatters seeds.

Laugh as the vortex roars, the brass
the shatter and scold of turbulent limit,

of serendipity in the dark cackle chambers,
the immaculate laugh-box, the techno-lotus mind

where time loops asymmetrically, the meme
slips into everything, lost, replenished

gone and coming around,
altered just a little.

-- Mar (Mistryel) Walker
c 2011