Monday, March 19, 2012

Paddies Day Part 2: Killian Troupe at Molten

Three heads are better than one they say. On Paddies Day evening I caught the first performance ever of a new trio: the Killian Troupe at Molten Java in Bethel. It's an acoustic trio where all three sing and write songs.

It's comprised of Richard King, (upper right)  Cassandra Mulcahy (upper left) and Jeff Smith (lower left). This was their very first show as a group. Though there are a few instrumental kinks to work out,  the result will be quite nice judging by Saturday's performance. Their vocal harmonies were wonderful, and they can also each take the spot light for a song or more or swap out instruments to lend variety to the show.

Each of these independent musicians/songwriters brings different strengths and skills to the group and this may play out well over the long haul:
  • Jeff Smith  brings a relentless melancholy musicianship and songwriting to his own songs, that is emotive and somehow transcendent. He also brings guitar and mandolin, both accompaniment and lead.
  • Cassandra Mulcahy, a music therapist, brings a counterbalancing joy and delight in life, an impish loving song-writing charm on guitar, keyboard and bass guitar chops too.
  • Finally Richard King who bills himself as "The Old Picker" brings a lifetime of performing as a folk/country player. With it come a sense of pacing and that solid entertainer's patter to the audience which is almost always lacking in the shows of beginning musicians and songwriters who are so busy feeling their music that they forget they must be showmen too.

You can find out more, and click "like" on their Killian Troupe Facebook page where there are links to their individual pages.