Friday, September 30, 2011

Some surprises always at an open mic

It's hard to know what open mic to attend. Lately they are multiplying.  This week I stayed close to home. I went to Molten Java's Thursday open mic which is run by J.D.Hull, shown iabove (on the right)

He opened the night as host, followed by Mr. Happy Cloud, Sean Ward who's quirky delivery is always jars my stodgy brain into writing poems. There was a rapper poet, a duet by some teen-agers, and  a number of other acts. I did three originals this week (Blow me away, Love Makes You Free, and The Marigold Song). Then a young fella named Luke in a plaid shirt came to the mic. He sounded pretty good. JD closed the night and during his last set a woman from the audience who'd been working on a laptop all evening, on the spur of the moment asked for song she knew. (She is on the left in the photo at the top.) Then she got up and sang it and sounded great! She is shown above. Don't know any names this week. If you do, add them in a comment below.