Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do you drive with a phone in your hand? STOP IT!

I was followed today by a large man in LARGE silver Ford Truck - the kind that sits way up high - a 150 or something like that. And he had a phone in his right hand and was clearly thumb typing as he drove. Frankly I was terrified. I have twice been rear-ended - once by  a huge red pickup and once by a guy hurtling along around 40mph in a magenta jeep, while talking on his phone. IF you drive with a phone in hand ask yourself - is this message so important that it's worth a life? OR worth a life of pain for someone ELSE, after getting serious neck injury when you hit them????  Or worth a huge lawsuit and losing your license?   Frankly there is NO MESSAGE THAT IS THAT IMPORTANT. So put down your damn phone and drive.