Monday, June 20, 2011

Paintings: Spacious No 1 & 2

Though I have put up Spacious No 3 - I had not written about Spacious 1 & 2 yet. With the caveat that the color is a little off in these photos, here they are:

--- Spacious No. 1 ---
--- Spacious No. 2 ---

Both of the these paintings had more garish beginnings than is apparent here.  They both hung for years in the house before I finally knew what to do with them...  Spacious No 1 on the left, had green and purple clouds that looked for all the world like intestines. And that is what bothered me about it.  Spacious No 2 had a garish sunset, and I do mean garish.  Ultimately I went for a sense of spaciousness over jumpy colors that I didn't think worked well.....

The link to a post on Spacious No 3: