Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strange reflections - optical oddities

Occasionally in some unexpected spot, some skewed individual like myself is right smack in the way because they have stopped to take a photo. Usually the camera is pointed a some unsuitable subject like a car fender, a puddle or a hubcap or the edge of a window.

Quite often it is nothing, nothing as in something that is reflected in something else. The odd squiggles in the photo to the left are  not a contortionist zebra. They are Venetian blinds reflected in the plastic cover of library book which is propped open on a flat surface. From most angles you can't see anything. I guess there are wrinkles in the plastic that are bending the reflection.

Or take the photo on the right, which was taken at the Freight Street Gallery. There appears to be an angry woman hovering in the frame.  Nope it's NOT a ghost. (No proof for ghosts, just a lot of  human imaginings....)  It's a reflection of a painting that is on another wall, quite far away from this nice sunset painting. It's not directly across from it, but on wall that forms an L with the wall where this paining hangs. I really don't understand the optical mechanism by which it is reflected here but -  like I said, optical oddities.