Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Aspects of the Self" – at Freight Street’s May Day show

This pencil drawing of mine called "Aspects of the Self," is in the Freight Street Gallery's May Day Festival show which hangs at the gallery through most of May.( I pick it up on May 23). Scroll down on the linked page for a list of artists. There are a lot of really interesting  and colorful pieces in this show in many mediums. If you go, be sure to view the items in the hallways as well as in the main room.   During the opening quite a few musical groups performed. I was there for about an hour and thoroughly enjoyed the spacey musical creations of Martin Ear and Evan. At some point a guy with, what looked like it might be a digery do joined them for a number. Their music really lent itself to the mood of the artwork.   Many thanks to Mike and Dustin Byrne for putting on the show.

This is the first time in two decades I have displayed my work  (other than promotional  posters) in a physical rather than digital sense.

I drew this during a graduate drawing class at Weselyan. The subject is looking inward - and what she sees is various parts of her self as well as her rejected shadow-self. Note she is holding on to the shadow-self rather tightly, so though the shadow is hidden, she is not rejected....

This photo is in black and white. In the drawing itself the paper has a more yellowish color not show here.  One of the techniques I like to use in drawing, is to make a very heavy mark with a soft pencil, then draw back into the marks with an eraser.  That is a technique used in quite a few areas of this drawing. This drawing also appears on the new cover of Inverse Origamii - the art of unfolding, my first poetry chapbook.