Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reading with Merlot or with coffee? Also the boggle poem workshop!

Usually I drink coffee like it's a food group all on its own.

At Wednesday Night Poetry, I usually have a tankard of the stuff, and when I get up to the open myk, I roar like mad man, well a mad woman or maybe a freight train.  But last Wednesday was full of errands and stress so when I got to the Blue Z Coffeehouse I had one - JUST ONE - glass of Merlot instead of coffee.  My my, what a different open myk experience that created! I felt relaxed, I had the impression that I was not overpowering or overdoing it, as I usually do. People did chuckle at me though, as they are not used to seeing me that way.  I want to emphasize I had just one. Two and I fall asleep. 

Then after the open myk,  Louise Sieviec lead a little workshop to create a "Five Minute" Boggle poem. That turned out to be great fun. It produced a very interesting collective poem put together by a dozen or so poets who participated.

Check this link to see the poem