Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PAINTING: Cityline, a little mildew, but not on the photo

This is oil on a board, a painting of mine from years ago. Unfortunately I left it in the cellar which flooded, then in the cold/hot garage. It acquired mildew on the surface, and with the extremes of temperature is beginning to splinter. I took a photo to try to preserve the idea but the thing itself is not something you want in your home really. In fact I have thrown it out in self-defense, so the mildew doesn't spread.

What I like so much is the exaggerated, angular juxtaposition of the lines of each building with its shadow, and how they frame the clock tower in the moonlight. The colors of course had nothing to do with reality to begin with, and with a little digital enhancement, even less. I might have to do a new painting based on this idea.