Friday, May 22, 2009

Ralph Nazareth at Wed poetry, Chris Flowers & Francis Raven in Bent Pin

Last weeks Bent Pin page included video interviews with Ralph Nazareth who read at Wednesday Night Poetry Series two days ago. He is incredible both in his poetry and in his philosophy. A large contingent of outstanding folks from his home team at Curley's Diner in Stamford came to see him and to read in our open mic! Ralph is the founder of the weekly reading at Curley's which is on Tuesday Nights. All in all the past Wednesday had a great open mic, a fabulous feature and a really enlightening Q&A.

Note: a couple weeks later I interviewed Ralph for Bent Pin. Here is one of the videos of his ideas on Poetry.

ALSO This week a new page is up on Bent Pin.   The new  page is called capitalist method and it features a poem by Christopher Flowers and one by Francis Raven, both somewhat surreal and referencing the multi-faceted maladaptive corporate hold on our lives...