Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy art & a Sound Collage

This video is comprised of small pictures I created in SpinArt a $1.99 iPhone App.  It's meant to make more cirucular pictures (which I have al lot of) but is also useful for other oddities. I like it because it has a certain splashy messy feel as a medium. Things don't go on neatly and unexpected things happen.

The soundscape has a tapping track, a singing track and a Yamaha Keyboard track, there is a short paper crunching track. THe tracks were cooked in various ways in the iMove HD audio editor, and the keyboard track was send over to garageband where a double filter effect was applied.

Just as an addendum - this week's page in Bent Pin is titled "• retest daily" and the two items make you wonder who is being tested daily - the students or the teachers.....